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For CV and Commissions/Questions please e-mail:

the future is: KENJI RUN!: Looking for European Gigs


Hey guys,

We at Kenji Run would love to play some gigs in Europe (namely France and Germany). But we don’t know any promoters, more specifically we don’t know ones that would LOVE to put on 80’s styled live electronic electro.

Even if you don’t promote you may know a local gig venue or promoter…

This is the EP cover for WISH OF LOVERS (out on the 8th of May). It was designed by my wonderful friend Robin North!
The simply stunning photograph was taken by Evan Blaser (a lovely chap) who takes amazing photos of all sorts of things, and you should check him out HERE!

This is the EP cover for WISH OF LOVERS (out on the 8th of May). It was designed by my wonderful friend Robin North!

The simply stunning photograph was taken by Evan Blaser (a lovely chap) who takes amazing photos of all sorts of things, and you should check him out HERE!

Selling Royalty Tracks

You can now request tracks from me Royalty free, just one off payment (which can be discussed) and use them in your audio libraries.

I will be in the following days uploading the tracks to a thread for a listen but if you are interested in commissioning some original electronic/classical based tracks from a composer who is both original and awesome then please e-mail:

Performance Update

I will be performing (not as Kenji Run) but as part of my friend B-Types act at the Anime Convention in London on the 13th of February.

Please try and come along for the whole day and see all the wonderful things there are meant to be there and then see me and B on stage. 

We are currently working on a nice mix of music between our styles to perform.

For more info:

I’m proper excited about this gig as I have never been to an Anime Con before.

Just for outsider information

I have several blogs linked to this account but my favourite one that I constantly update is RADTV (tumblr)

Anyone that I “follow” this is the actual blog I use on a daily basis.

EP is finished

And been sent off for mastering. Get your last demo listens in at 

Kenji Run will be fully active in a live music capacity and will start recording more tracks.  

The Late Night Sessions

Recently I have produced some tracks that have been made within a 4 to 5 hour period. 

These are said tracks:

The Prettiest Girl In The World by Kenji Run!
You Complete Me (Forever Am Yours) by Kenji Run!

As a further update I am in the final stages of recording Kenji Runs first E.P and will be having it sent off for mastering by the great Coloureds boys. A photo shoot is set for the following weeks and the artwork is reaching its final stages. So the hard slog of writing and recording is nearing a highly fruitful end. 

Kenji Run » EP Production

As I haven’t updated my work for a while here’s what I’m currently up to. 

I have started my recording of my first EP under the name KENJI RUN.

Here’s my current set up (The sax hasn’t been used in recordings yet, nor the wii fit board). I apologise for the poor quality of the photo.

Kit includes: 

Microkorg, Korg Nanopad/NanoKontrol, Korg Monotron, Lexicon Omega, Yamaha PSS-270, Yamaha PSR-180, Oxygen V8 Midi Controller, Shure SM58 Microphone, Saxophone, Casio Keyboard (unable to determine), Sennheiser headphones. The speakers are a part of my hi-fi that my dad bought me for my 16th birthday and the beast is still going despite around 5 flat/house moves. 

Here’s a demo of a track that may be included in the EP. that should be released through Foulharmonic Records.

It’s called The Goddess.

The Goddess (DEMO) by Kenji Run!


Soundworks Collection: The Sound of Transformers: Dark of the Moonby Michael Coleman

Interesting notes on the sound of the latest Transformers movie. I wish I’d been a part of it

Kenji Run



Recently I decided to change the name of DSM-IV to KENJI RUN, the name also reflects a change in style and production. No longer am I a slave to just my beloved sequencer and presets. KENJI RUN uses sampled 80’s drum sets (TR-707, LinnDrum, TR-808, Kawai R50 etc), the trusty Microkorg (for vocoder/appregiator/bass), a KORG Monotron and several old keyboards I’ve had for years. 

KENJI RUN is a more upbeat being, more about party songs and robotic italo disco stylings.

The song I have chosen to post today is called MAXIMUM FOOT MOVEMENT. And once the recordings are finished will be featured on a release called AWESOME TIMES. 

I hope you enjoy.

—-*Update 13/1/11 01.36am*—-

The first volume of a classic!

The name KENJI RUN comes from the lead character of a popular manga/film trilogy “20th Century Boys” created by Naoki Urasawa. Kenji Endo is the lead character and hero of the series. To explain the plot would take a long time but the series is really worth a look, especially if you enjoy an ever evolving and twisting plot line (which I throughly do). Even if you don’t want to read it certainly give the films a go because they are so accurate to the manga it’s unbelievable how loyal the director (Yukihiko Tsutsumi) was to the books. Me and a friend enjoyed watching the trilogy although we do still have the last one to watch (been waiting months now ahah). To read more about the series:


Smarter Than The Average Bear (2009) 

One of the final year university projects that I provide location sound recording, foley recording and sound design for. Music on this film was done by Ian Fox. The film was directed by Tomas Fuller.



I wrote this song a while ago but at 6am today I decided it was finished! It features an accordian, flutes and some basic synth sounds… all finished off with a nice vinyl feeling!

Old Thoughts

For some reason I felt the urge to post my final year dissertation up here online.

It’s called “The Emotive Power Of Sound On Film”

It will read a bit rushed as I was trying to cram ALOT of information (also because I was never a great essayist). It also includes a (very) brief history of the usage and development of sound/music in the context of film.

It’s available here:

(reupped as of 16/03/11)

One of the pieces/videos that inspired this from one of my second of first year lectures.